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it's past my bedtime, make a choice

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It's past my bedtime. Make a choice.
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80's music, 80s cartoons, adult swim, airports, alkaline trio, animals, art, asian movies, batman, books, boston, brains, bright colours, busch gardens, chihuahuas, cigarettes, classical music, colors, companionship, conversation, converse, cookies, cuddling, dancing, dead baby jokes, discovery health channel, dogs, driving fast, dropkick murphys, eyeliner, fight club, fireworks, flip flops, free stuff, friends, fullmetal alchemist, ganj, get up kids, getting mail, getting tattooed, girl scout cookies, gladiator, good times, graffiti, green, guitar, hardcore, harry potter, hermoine granger, hipbones, history, hockey, home, hospital waiting rooms, hot rods, hotels, hurley, icecream, individuation, integrity, ipod, john cusack, johnny the homicidal manic, kelly nascimento, kissing, laughing, laughter, liberalism, lifetime, limes, listening to music, long airplane trips, long car rides, lord of the rings, mac, macintosh, making out, memories, mixes, modest mouse, mohawks, morrissey, movies, mozart, music, my computer, mötley crüe, nature, new found glory, ninja turtles, os x, patriots, photographs, photography, piercings, pinstripes, pool, prince, punk rock, queen, random acts of vandalism, randomness, reading, robots, rocking out, ronald weasley, sex, shitty weather, shopping, sidewalk chalk, simon and garfunkel, skiing, sleep, smoking, smoking pot, snickers, snuggling, spaceghost, star wars, star watching, stars, stuff, summer, sunshine, sustenance, tattoos, tea, the aqua bats, the beach, the beatles, the cure, the doobie brothers, the postal service, the used, third eye blind, tim burton, tim burton movies, tomfoolery, traveling, veruca salt, video games, weezer, wine, wonka, world of warcraft, writing, zombies,

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